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Technical Pieces

Jan-March 2024
6 February 2024
Sancheeta Ghosh, PhD
10 January 2024
Swasti The Health Catalyst, SA-SNLC
16 June 2023
Drishti, Gaurav Gupta, Dr. Shobhit Srivastava
24 May 2023
20 April 2023
10 Jan, 2022
Shweta Naik Bankar, Rangoli Gupta

Centre for Social and Behaviour Change (CSBC), Ashoka University

The Centre for Social and Behaviour Change is a leading Indian institution that drives behavioural change measures for people and communities in need.

Project Concern International (PCI), India

Project Concern International, India has been working since 1998 to co-create and scale sustainable solutions to complex development problems rooted in community realities.

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