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13 Jul, 2023
Monalisa Das, Project Umang, PCI India
26 Jun, 2023
Dr. Aditi Panda, National Coordinator, SMRC
10 Apr, 2023
Howard Delafield International, India
Jan-March 2024
6 February 2024
Sancheeta Ghosh, PhD
10 January 2024
Swasti The Health Catalyst, SA-SNLC

Centre for Social and Behaviour Change (CSBC), Ashoka University

The Centre for Social and Behaviour Change is a leading Indian institution that drives behavioural change measures for people and communities in need.

Project Concern International (PCI), India

Project Concern International, India has been working since 1998 to co-create and scale sustainable solutions to complex development problems rooted in community realities.

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