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EvalFest 2024 Satellite Session

Through the South Asia Social Norms & Agency Learning Collaborative, PCI India and Sambodhi conducted in-person capacity building sessions on ‘Understanding social norms’ and ‘Measuring of social norms’ in Lady Irwin College, New Delhi as a part of EvalFest 2024 on 19th and 20th February.

Day one focussed on developing a working understanding of theoretical frameworks of social norms while on day two, participants explored quantitative and qualitative measurement of social norms, challenges and opportunities.

The sessions saw enthusiastic participation from over fifty students and professionals. Activities facilitated vibrant discussions around critical topics such as perceived acceptance and support for dowry, early marriage, family planning discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community and emotional expression in men.


Participants’ Feedback

I really liked the session and we got to know a lot about the social norms and how the evaluation is done to measure these social norms. Also the sessions were interactive and involved activities which break the monotonous learning environment.”

Both of the sessions were very interactive, they had a participatory approach, and all the facilitators were flexible and open to any kind of suggestions and viewpoints coming their way by the attendees, they answered every question in detail and gave logical counter-opinions. They not only explained it through the visual aid of PowerPoint presentation but used real-life examples to make it more realistic and relatable.​”

“excellent structure of both sessions – was a great idea to split the content across two days and give each session enough time; would have loved to walk away with an overview handout or cheat sheet”


19 and 20 Feb 2024


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